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STORIES BY Mike Melanson — PAGE 6
Apollo Extends Federation with Rover CLI, Workbench, Studio Integration
This Week in Programming: Deno Goes Corporate
Eclipse Open VSX Registry Offers Open Access to VS Code Extensions
Liberated from Oracle, Eclipse Jetty Enters the Cloud Native Era with Jakarta Transition
This Week in Programming: Free Software Can’t Exist without Richard Stallman?
Harness Adds Remote Debugging to its CI Community Edition
Rookout’s Agile Flame Graphs Give Quick, Visual Insight into Production Code
This Week in Programming: Rust (Likely) Headed for Linux Kernel’s Development Branch
Flux Takes Its Continuous Delivery and Operations to CNCF Incubation
Sonatype Expands Focus to Code Analysis with MuseDev Addition
WP Engine Goes ‘Headless,’ Jumps into the Jamstack
This Week in Programming: GitLab Moves on from Master/Slave Terminology
Linkerd Goes on a Diet with Opt-In Extensions
This Week in Programming: Microsoft’s Power Fx ‘Low Code’ Language
Gatsby v3.0 Offers Incremental Builds to Speed Web Deployment Times
Scarf Takes Aim at Package Manager Lock-In with Scarf Gateway
Datastax Astra Offers a Serverless Option for Cassandra
This Week in Programming: Static Types for Python?
Sysdig Hands off eBPF Falco Core to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation Launches Gloo Mesh Enterprise to General Availability
Tetrate’s GetIstio Promises to Simplify Management of a Istio Service Mesh
This Week in Programming: .NET 6 Preview Picks up Unification Efforts after Pandemic Delays
Rudderstack’s Smart Data Pipeline Could Help Move, Transform, and Store Customer Data
This Week in Programming: Go Approves Generics, at Long Last
HAProxy Kubernetes Ingress Controller Moves Outside the Cluster
Canonical’s Latest Ubuntu Core Release Focuses on Edge Security
This Week in Programming: Docker Distribution Gets a Home at the CNCF
vFunction Transforms Monolithic Java to Microservices