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STORIES BY Mike Melanson — PAGE 7
This Week in Programming: GitLab Goes Premium, Ditches Starter Tier
Longhorn Kubernetes Block Storage Adds Snapshots, ARM64 Support
Red Hat Brings Backup, Snapshots to OpenShift Container Storage
This Week in Programming: Elasticsearch Turns AWS into an Open Source Champion
Fugue Security Config Checker Now Supports CIS Docker Benchmark, Managed Containers
Rookout Brings Debugging to Third-Party Code
This Week in Programming: The Intriguing Tale of Parler’s Demise
Swimm Helps New Dev Hires Stay Afloat with Continuous Documentation
Otomi Container Platform Offers an Integrated Kubernetes Bundle
This Week in Programming: GitHub Opens Back Up to Iran
Maria DB Gets Reactive with a Non-Blocking Connector for Java
Apollo Extends Explorer GraphQL IDE to Development Environments
IBM Cloud Adopts the Kubernetes-Based Crossplane Control Plane
Platform9 Turns Bare Metal into Clouds with Kubernetes
Kintaba Introduces Automation for Modern Incident Management
This Week in Programming: Docker Previews Desktop for Mac M1
Ortelius Battles Microservices Sprawl with Configuration Mapping, Version Control
Stargate Data Gateway Brings REST, JSON, GraphQL APIs to Cassandra
This Week in Programming: Google Tackles the Tragedy of the Open Source Commons
Red Hat Deprecates Linux CentOS in Favor of a Streaming Edition
Kubernetes 1.20 Lands with 44 Enhancements
Koyeb Combines Functions and Containers in Its Serverless Engine
This Week in Programming: Kubernetes Says ‘Don’t Panic’ About Docker Deprecation
MayaData Offers Deployment Flexibility with Kubera Propel and Chaos
This Week in Programming: How to Avoid Doomscrolling in the Time of COVID
Codefresh Launches GitOps 2.0 as a GitOps Working Group Takes Flight
Kubernetes IDE Lens Adds an API for Cloud Native Extensions
Flatcar Container Linux Moves Beyond CoreOS Roots with Commercial Editions