What news from AWS re:Invent last week will have the most impact on you?
Amazon Q, an AI chatbot for explaining how AWS works.
Super-fast S3 Express storage.
New Graviton 4 processor instances.
Emily Freeman leaving AWS.
I don't use AWS, so none of this will affect me.
Richard MacManus
Richard MacManus

Richard MacManus is a Senior Editor at The New Stack and writes about web and application development trends. Previously he founded ReadWriteWeb in 2003 and built it into one of the world’s most influential technology news sites. From the early days of disruptive internet tools like blogs, social media and Ajax, into the current era of AI, the metaverse, JavaScript frameworks and more, MacManus has for years been recognized as a leader in articulating what’s coming next in technology and, more importantly, what it means.

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