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STORIES BY Richard MacManus — PAGE 1
Lighting a Bonfire Under Social Media: Devs and ActivityPub
Microsoft Aims to Bring DevOps Discipline to Web3
Devs Are Excited by ActivityPub, Open Protocol for Mastodon
Software Developer Tool for Quantum Computers Launching Soon
Twitter Turmoil: We Need an Open Protocol for Public Discourse
The Race to Be Figma for Devs: CodeSandbox vs. StackBlitz
The Challenges of Marketing Software Tools to Developers
How Drupal Fits Into an Increasingly Headless CMS World
Third Room Teases User-Generated Content for the Metaverse
Google Aurora: A Collab Between Chrome and Web Frameworks
Open 3D Engine Talks Metaverse and Its New Partner, Epic Games
StackBlitz Launches Codeflow and Announces Figma Investment
Developers: Twitter Wants Your Bots (and Other Read/Write Apps)
The Rise of Cloud Development and the End of Localhost
Why Cloud IDEs Are Shifting to a Platform-as-a-Service Model
Adobe Buys Figma: What Does this Mean for Web Standards?
Ethereum’s Big Day: How the Merge Will Impact Web3 Developers
A New Tool for Unreal Engine Developers to Export to the Web
Enterprise Metaverse Use Cases (Other Than Digital Twins)
Ready Player Me and the Challenges of 3D Interoperability
Physics-Based Simulation and the Future of the Metaverse
WebOps: A DevOps for Websites, but the Tools Let It Down
Brain.js Brings Deep Learning to the Browser and Node.js
Nvidia Announces New AI-Powered Metaverse Tools at SIGGRAPH
Early Days for Quantum Developers, But Serverless Coming
Hex Wants to Build the Frontend for the Modern Data Stack
Quantum Computing Use Cases: How Viable Is It, Really? Launches Dev Search Apps, Including Code Complete