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STORIES BY Richard MacManus — PAGE 2
Nvidia Announces QODA, a Platform for Hybrid Quantum Apps
Classiq Brings Abstraction Layer to Quantum Software Stack
The State of Quantum Computing and Its Early Use Cases
Metaverse Standards Forum Launches to Solve Interoperability
Machine Learning Models to Predict the Next ‘Stranger Things’
How the Open Metaverse Will Transform Our Online Identities
Apple Lays Foundation for Mixed Reality Headset at WWDC22
Agora Rides Metaverse Wave with 3D Video and Audio SDKs
Microsoft Demos AI Development at Build, Using OpenAI Codex
Glitch in the Fastly Matrix: It’s about Developer Experience
Rust: What’s Next for the Fast-Growing Programming Language?
Croquet Woos JavaScript Devs with a Web-Based Metaverse
Google I/O 2022 Urges Developers to Focus on the ‘Real World’
Why Developers Should Experiment with the Fediverse
The Third Age of JavaScript: An Update from Reactathon
Babylon.js Hints that Microsoft Metaverse Will Be Web-Based
What Elon Musk’s Twitter Takeover Means for Developers
The Fediverse Points to Our Social Media Future, Post-Musk
Interview with Leah Elliott, ‘Contra Chrome’ Comic Artist
Web3 Tools and Tipping Points: A Chat with Infura Co-Founder
Contra Chrome: A Biting Satire of Google’s 2008 Chrome Comic
RapidAPI Partners with Formula 1 Team Scuderia AlphaTauri
ERC-1155: An NFT Standard for Online Games and Gamified Apps
Ceramic’s Web3 Composability Resurrects Web 2.0 Mashups
The Shape of Things to Come: GraphQL and the Web of APIs
Can NFT Technology Expand Beyond Digital Apes and Punks?
RSS3 Brings Syndication Feeds (and FriendFeed) to Web3
APIs in Web3 with The Graph — How It Differs from Web 2.0