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STORIES BY Richard MacManus — PAGE 2
The Challenges of Marketing Software Tools to Developers
How Drupal Fits Into an Increasingly Headless CMS World
Third Room Teases User-Generated Content for the Metaverse
Google Aurora: A Collab Between Chrome and Web Frameworks
Open 3D Engine Talks Metaverse and Its New Partner, Epic Games
StackBlitz Launches Codeflow and Announces Figma Investment
Developers: Twitter Wants Your Bots (and Other Read/Write Apps)
The Rise of Cloud Development and the End of Localhost
Why Cloud IDEs Are Shifting to a Platform-as-a-Service Model
Adobe Buys Figma: What Does this Mean for Web Standards?
Ethereum’s Big Day: How the Merge Will Impact Web3 Developers
A New Tool for Unreal Engine Developers to Export to the Web
Enterprise Metaverse Use Cases (Other Than Digital Twins)
Ready Player Me and the Challenges of 3D Interoperability
Physics-Based Simulation and the Future of the Metaverse
WebOps: A DevOps for Websites, but the Tools Let It Down
Brain.js Brings Deep Learning to the Browser and Node.js
Nvidia Announces New AI-Powered Metaverse Tools at SIGGRAPH
Early Days for Quantum Developers, But Serverless Coming
Hex Wants to Build the Frontend for the Modern Data Stack
Quantum Computing Use Cases: How Viable Is It, Really? Launches Dev Search Apps, Including Code Complete
Nvidia Announces QODA, a Platform for Hybrid Quantum Apps
Classiq Brings Abstraction Layer to Quantum Software Stack
The State of Quantum Computing and Its Early Use Cases
Metaverse Standards Forum Launches to Solve Interoperability
Machine Learning Models to Predict the Next ‘Stranger Things’
How the Open Metaverse Will Transform Our Online Identities