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STORIES BY Richard MacManus — PAGE 3
Internet Computer: Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Clouds
Solana Uses Rust to Pull in Developers and Avoid Copypasta
The Web3 Stack: What Web 2.0 Developers Need to Know
Web3 Developer Ecosystem Is Tiny, but Steep Uptake in 2021
Nvidia Announces Expansion of Omniverse to Consumer Internet
5 Internet Technology Predictions for 2022
Top 5 Internet Technology Stories of 2021
Top 5 Internet Technologies of 2021
Meta and the Metaverse: It Better Not Be Mobile Internet 2.0
PHP Has Survived for 26 Years Because It Keeps Evolving
It’s a Web3 World Now — How the Hype Compares to Web 2.0
Dynamic by Default: Shopify’s Hydrogen, a New Take on React
Chrome Dev Summit: It’s a Web Evolution, Not Revolution
How Next.js 12 Connects to Low-Code and Visual Design Tools
Why Outdated jQuery Is Still the Dominant JavaScript Library
Web Apps vs. Native Apps: The Growth of Progressive Web Apps
Is Web3 Really Decentralized? A Look at Alchemy and BitClout
Web3 Architecture and How It Compares to Traditional Web Apps
Apple’s Browser Engine Ban Is Holding Back Web App Innovation
Why Decoupled Architectures Now Make Sense for WordPress
Frontity and the Future of WordPress as a Dev Platform
A Look at Omniverse Kit, Nvidia’s Metaverse SDK
What the Metaverse Means for Developers
Sky Computing, the Next Era After Cloud Computing
Decentralized Chat: Matrix Offers Red Pill to Slack Users
Aether: A Decentralized Reddit with Self-Moderation and Privacy
Scuttlebutt: Decentralize and Escape the Social Media Rat Race
DID You Hear? Decentralized Identifiers Are Coming