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STORIES BY Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols — PAGE 2
Shift Left: Where Cloud Native Computing Security Is Going
Codenotary Adds Background Vulnerability Scanning
Jetstack Helps Turn Security Policies into Actions
Aqua Security’s Trivy Security Scanner Can Scan Anything Now
Red Hat Embraces DevSecOps
Github’s 2FA Move Was Long Overdue
Kubernetes Adopts Sigstore for Supply Chain Security
CrowdStrike Ups Its Falcon Cloud Security Game
Forrester: 96% of Businesses Have Had Cloud Security Probs
Microsoft Discovers Dual Linux Security Problems: Nimbuspwn
Chainguard Enforce: Software Supply Chain Security for K8s
Sysdig: Prioritizing Risk with Risk Spotlight
AWS’s Log4Shell Fix Needs Fixing
Ransomware Is on the Way and Backups Are Your Best Defense
Why Atlassian Failed So Hard
Microsoft Finally Brings ARM-Based VMs to Azure
First Malware Running on AWS Lambda Discovered
The Atlassian Outage Just Keeps Going and Going and…
Almost 1/3 of Top npm Accounts Aren’t Protected with 2FA
SpringShell Brings Hell to Java Developers
Chainguard: It’s All About That Base Image
The Okta Mess Is Even Worse Than It Appears
Locking Down Kubernetes Containers with vcluster
30% of Apache Log4j Security Holes Remain Unpatched
NSA on How to Harden Kubernetes
Codenotary Cloud Secures Software Supply Chain and DevSecOps
Dirty Pipeline Is an Awful Linux Mess
Silkworm Encryption