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STORIES BY Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols — PAGE 2
Roblox and Discord Become Virus Vectors for New PyPI Malware
Google Cloud Stops Monster DDoS Attack
Okta: Zero Trust Adoption Accelerates
Intel SGX: Not So Safe After All, ÆPIC Leak
Google Ups Its Linux Security Awards
It’s Time to Normalize Cyberattack Data
Npm to Adopt Sigstore for Software Supply Chain Security
GitHub Repositories Weren’t Hacked
Aqua Security Puts Its Money Where Its Claims Are
The US Govt and Corps Look to Fill 700K Cybersecurity Jobs
Log4j: The Pain Just Keeps Going and Going
AWS Customers Can Now Order a Free MFA Security Key
OpenSSL Heap Memory Corruption Vulnerability Fixed
Brute Ratel C4: When PenTests Go Bad
There’s a Nasty Security Hole in the Apache Webserver
Log4Shell Hacks On and On
Palo Alto Networks Brings Out-of-Band Web Security to Cloud
Software Supply Chain Compliance with Aqua’s Chain-Bench
Jit: Security-as-Code Pioneer Opens for Business
Isovalent Open Sources Tetragon, eBPF-Based Observability Platform
Seven Years Later, Travis CI Is Still Insecure
And the Cloud Security Alliance’s Top Threats for 2022 Are…
Apiiro Finds Private Code Repos More Hackable Than Public
Chainguard Secure Software Supply Chain Images Arrive
Shift Left: Where Cloud Native Computing Security Is Going
Codenotary Adds Background Vulnerability Scanning
Jetstack Helps Turn Security Policies into Actions
Aqua Security’s Trivy Security Scanner Can Scan Anything Now