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STORIES BY Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols — PAGE 4
Palo Alto Networks Rolls Out Prisma Cloud 3.0
Google Introduces ClusterFuzzLite Security Tool for CI/CD
Knative Serverless Kubernetes Is Off to a Bumpy Start
Get a Handle on Software Supply Chain Security with LFX
Prossimo: Making the Internet Memory Safe
Falco Cloud Security Monitoring Now on Amazon Web Services
Apache Web Server Bitten by Path Traversal Security Bug
Linkerd Kubernetes Service Fabric Builds in Security
Latest OWASP Top 10 Surfaces Web Development Security Bugs
Canonical Extends Support for Older Ubuntu Linux Distros
Calico Enterprise 3.9 Brings Live Packet Troubleshooting
How to Battle Azurescape, the Cross-Account Container Takeover Exploit
Palo Alto Networks’ Prisma Cloud Adds Advanced Container Image Sandboxing
SPDX Software Supply Chain Spec Becomes an ISO Standard
CISA Lays Out Security Rules for Zero Trust Clouds
Rootkits Come to Containers and Bring Trouble with Them
Trend Micro Points Out a Giant Cloud Linux Security Problem
GitHub Kisses Passwords Goodbye
Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Earns FIPS 140-2 Security Certification
OpenSSF Allstar Draws on Google Expertise to Secure GitHub Code
Excel 4, Yes Excel 4, Can Haunt Your Cloud Security
A Security Loophole to Intercept Dynamic DNS Traffic
The NSA Can Help Secure Your Kubernetes Clusters
Synopsys Rapid Scan Can Now Security Check Proprietary Code
GitHub Hires Former NSA OSS Chief as VP of Security Operations
Styra Extends Open Policy Agent Security to Public Clouds
Upgrade Helm if You Don’t Want to Share Your Username and Password
Red Hat: Human Error a Leading Cause of Kubernetes Security Mishaps