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STORIES BY Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols — PAGE 5
What Happened to the Internet? Fastly’s Hard Fall and Quick Recovery
AWS App Runner: a Container-Native Platform-as-a-Service
Checking the Linux Kernel with Static Analysis Tools
Mitre ATT&CK Frameworks Get a Handle on Kubernetes Security Defense
Sysdig Offers a Real-Time Security Look into AWS’ Fargate Serverless Containers
Netdata Cloud Can Now Monitor Kubernetes Clusters for Free in Real-Time
Shell-less Kubernetes: Talos Systems Introduces the Common Operating System Interface
Not Your Usual Supply Chain Hack: The Codecov Bash Uploader Blunder
Sysdig Detects Lateral Movement Attacks Across Containers and Clouds
PHP Supply Chain Attack Shows Open Source’s Virtues and Vices
GitLab Open Sources Protocol Fuzzer Community Edition
Curiefense, an Open Source, Envoy-Based Cloud Native Security Platform
Google’s New ‘Autopilot’ for Kubernetes
Project Calico: Kubernetes Security as SaaS
Jetstack Secure Promises to Ease Kubernetes TLS Security
Where Is Cloud Native Security Going in the Long Run?
Why Open Source Project Maintainers Are Reluctant to Use Digital Signatures, Two-Factor Authentication
Prisma Cloud Reinvents the Firewall for Cloud Native Security
Serious Sudo Trouble for Linux Distros
Five Cloud Native Security Concerns in 2021
How Parler’s Data Was Harvested
Falco: Lock Down Kubernetes from the Kernel on Up
SolarWinds, the World’s Biggest Security Failure and Open Source’s Better Answer
AWS Serverless Express Is All Grown Up Now
Unfixable Kubernetes Security Hole Means Potential Man-in-the-Middle Attacks
New containerd Security Hole Needs to Be Patched ASAP
CNCF’s Special Interest Group for Security
Starboard: Putting all the Kubernetes Security Pieces into One Place