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STORIES BY Susan Hall — PAGE 1
Axiom: All the Observability Data without Cost Worries
Seraphic Security: Protection for the Browser Where You Live
Baseten: Deploy and Share ML Models with Python
DoControl: Automating SaaS Data Security Policy Enforcement
Typemock Simplifies .NET, C++ Unit Testing
Soda Checks to Keep Your Data in Line
Fiberplane: Collaboration When Everything’s on Fire A Platform for IoT Development and Deployment
Bunnyshell Keeps Pre-Production Environments in Sync Automatically
Novu Tackles Notification Infrastructure Management
Oxeye Brings Multilayer Approach to Software Security Testing
OpenCost: Open Source Collaboration on Kubernetes Cost Standards
Predibase Takes Declarative Approach to AutoML
YuniKorn: Alternative to Kubernetes’ Default Scheduler for Big Data, ML
PlanetScale: More Monitoring, Connections and Regions for the Database Service
Encore Models, Builds the Backend Designed in Your Head
Rowy Takes on the Limits of Airtable with Low-Code Cloud Collaboration
Low-Code Backend Builder Canonic Starts with a Graph
Garden Automates Kubernetes Building, Deploying, Testing
PlanetScale Rewind: An ‘Undo’ Button for Bad Schema Migrations
Pulsar, NiFi: Better Together for Messaging, Streaming
Open Source Mizu Unblocks View into Kubernetes API Traffic
ZigiWave Takes a No-Code Approach to Integration
Stytch’s API-First Approach to Passwordless Authentication
Apache Hop Harnesses Metadata to Create Visual Data Pipelines
Cycloid Tackles DevOps for Hybrid Clouds
Transposit Automates Workflow with a Human Touch
Supabase Takes Aim at Firebase with a Scalable Postgres Service