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STORIES BY Susan Hall — PAGE 11
Boxfuse ‘Bootable App’ Packages Immutable Infrastructure for Portability, Security Offers a Streaming NoSQL Service for Real-Time Apps
Mnemonic: Memory Management for Big Data
Source{d} Applies Machine Learning to Help Companies Manage Their Code Bases
Denodo’s Data Virtualization Is Becoming an At-Scale Data Fabric
Spotinst: Making the Most of Cheaper Excess Compute Capacity
Teralytics Takes a Big Data Approach to Tracking Human Movement
The PredictionIO Machine Learning Project Propels Intelligent Development
Capsule8 Is All About Stopping Attacks in Real-Time
Citus Data Turns Postgres into a Scalable Distributed Database System
ShiftLeft Shifts Security Focus to Analyzing Applications, Not Reacting to Threats
Kubernetes 1.9 Brings Stability, Windows Support
jClarity Brings Accurate Java Monitoring into the Container World
CloudPassage’s Security-as-a-Service Addresses Needs in Speed, Compliance Aims to Make Application Security More DevOps Friendly
Conduit: A Lightweight Service Mesh for Kubernetes
For Pepperdata, Spark-on-Kubernetes Is the Ticket off of Big Data Island
CSPi Puts Container Security Focus on Protecting Data, Rather than Infrastructure
Finnish Startup Valohai Wants to be the ‘GitHub of Machine Learning’
LogicMonitor Expands into Cloud-Agnostic Monitoring
Chef Sweetens the Deal for Developers on AWS
Google Cloud’s Distributed Relational Database Spanner Goes Global
Apache Juneau Makes Java REST Interfaces Easy for Microservices
Riverbed Adds Container Support to the SteelCentral Application Monitoring Platform
Prometheus 2.0 Arrives with a Speedy New Local Storage Engine
YugaByte: A New Database to Solve the SQL vs. NoSQL Dilemma
Corelight Boosts the Battle-Hardened Bro Network Monitoring Tech
TigerGraph Builds a Bigger Graph Database