What news from AWS re:Invent last week will have the most impact on you?
Amazon Q, an AI chatbot for explaining how AWS works.
Super-fast S3 Express storage.
New Graviton 4 processor instances.
Emily Freeman leaving AWS.
I don't use AWS, so none of this will affect me.
STORIES BY Susan Hall — PAGE 11
Nyansa: Analytics for Diving into Network Health
Assembla: Cloud Version Control for the Enterprise
Buoyant Advances Conduit Service Mesh with Prometheus Integration
Quali Wants to Be the Netflix for Cloud Development Sandboxes
Fanout’s Open Source Reverse Proxy Offers an API-Friendly Real-Time Data Push Brings Real-Time Pattern Matching
DroneDeploy App Enables Mapping on the Fly
Nginx Smoothes the Path to Microservices
84Codes Provides Hosted Messaging Queues from Kafka, RabbitMQ, MQTT
How lgtm Discovered the Spring Framework Vulnerability
Cloud Native Computing Foundation Adopts Multicloud Management Tools
Blue Medora Expands Upon Monitoring Integrations
Bitnami’s Stacksmith Aims to Make Moving Legacy Apps to Cloud Effortless
Project Tortuga: Cluster and Cloud Management for High-Performance Computing
nClouds: Getting a Grip on Change Management
Wallaroo Labs Promises Easily-Scalable Big Data Processing Infrastructure
Mender: An Open Source Software Updater for the Internet of Things
LunchBadger: Microservices, Serverless on Kubernetes
Honeycomb Adds Tiered Storage to Reduce Cost of Greater Performance Data Granularity For Moving Fast and Not Breaking Things
Intezer Provides Code ‘DNA Mapping’ to Root out Malware
Chef InSpec 2.0 Puts the Security into DevSecOps
Diamanti Offers a Plug-and-Play Kubernetes Deployment
STORK: Open Source Storage Intelligence for Kubernetes
Computes Aggregates Idle CPUs to Create Decentralized Supercomputer
SQL-on-Hadoop Database Trafodion Bridges Transactions and Analysis
Codefresh Adds a Command Line Interface for Kubernetes Management
Glassbeam Expands Machine Analytics Beyond Its Core Healthcare Market