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STORIES BY Susan Hall — PAGE 12
RocketMQ Reaches Top-Level Status at the Apache Software Foundation
CRI-O, the Project to Run Containers without Docker, Reaches 1.0
Grafeas: A New Way to Track the DevOps Supply Chain
Kubo Becomes Cloud Foundry’s Container Runtime, Default for Kubernetes Deployment
Chef Launches Habitat Builder, a Cloud-Native Application Packaging Service
Red Hat Fills Out its Cloud-Native Storage Package with Block and Object Storage
Spring Framework 5 Adjusts to Microservices with a New Reactive Programming Model
Google Container Engine Quickly Integrates Kubernetes 1.8
Kubernetes 1.8 Arrives with Improvements in Stability, Security, and Storage Support
Rancher Container Management Platform Goes All in on Kubernetes
Puppet Will Extend Infrastructure Automation Capabilities with Distelli Acquisition
Netsil Visualizes the Performance of Microservices
Loot Crate Launches a Swag Store on Google Container Engine
Clouber: Modernizing Legacy Applications for the Cloud
Datadog Brings in More Data Visibility with Log Management Acquisition
Eventador Applies Real-Time Data to Locating Victims of Hurricane Harvey
Mesosphere Returns to Kubernetes with a Beta for DC/OS
With Recent Acquisitions, Progress Tackles Cognitive Applications, Mobile Development
Apache Fluo Speeds Small Updates to Big Data
Pivotal Cloud Foundry Now Can Offer Automated Patching with Concourse
HashiCorp’s Introspection About its Open Source Heritage
Microsoft, Red Hat Team for Windows Containers, SQL Server on OpenShift
ScaleFT’s Zero Trust Platform: An Adaptive Fabric for Access Management
Graphistry Harnesses GPUs for Speedy Visual Investigations of Security, Debugging Issues
CoreOS Tectonic Sweetens Kubernetes with Azure Integration, One-Click Upgrades
Twitter, Yahoo Vets Pool Real-Time Processing Knowledge in Startup Streamlio
JASK Employs Artificial Intelligence to Automate Smarter Security
Tigera Aims to Ease Connectivity Pain with Kubernetes