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STORIES BY Susan Hall — PAGE 13
TidalScale Creates a Single Ocean of DRAM for Large-Scale Applications
CNCF, Packet Provide Free Infrastructure for Cloud Developers
An AI Engine for API Security at Scale
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.4 Adds OverlaySF to Boost Container Security
Koneksa Health Brings Real-World Data to Clinical Trials
StackRox Offers a Fine-Grained View of Container Security
Dremio Wants to Be the Splunk of Big Data
Google Container Engine Now Speaks Kubernetes 1.7
Red Hat OpenShift Online Now Offers Multitenancy
Chicago’s WindyGrid Puts Open Data to Work
Qubole Harnesses Automation to Provide Data Self-Service
Unravel Data Tackles Application Performance Management for the Big Data Stack
How to Size Your MongoDB Clusters
MongoDB’s Return to Its Data Management Roots
Kubernetes 1.7 Brings Extensibility, Security Hardening and the Network Policy API
LinkedIn Open Sources Tools for a Crisis Call Tree
Datical Aims to Bring DevOps Speeds to the Database
CircleCI Containerizes Build, Test and Deploy Services as Separate Components
Stitch Sews Together Third-Party Backend Services for MongoDB
IBM, Hortonworks Team up on Hadoop, Data Science Helps Corral Containers for DevOps
What the Future Holds for the Internet of Things
MityLytics Provides Insight into Big Data Deployment, Scaling
Kublr Offers Kubernetes for the Enterprise
Loodse Automates Kubernetes Cluster Management
SystemML, the ‘SQL for Machine Learning,’ Is Now a Top-Level Apache Project
Hexadite Uses AI to Automate Routine Security Incident Response
Dell EMC’s ScaleIO Provides Scalable Stateful Storage for Orchestrated Containers