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STORIES BY Susan Hall — PAGE 14
Six Gotchas with Running Docker Containers on Hadoop
Last.Backend Helps Developers Focus on Apps, Not Infrastructure
Loom Systems Adds a Human Touch to AI for Root Cause Analysis
The Apache Software Foundation Struggles from Too Much Success
Digital Psychometrics: So Much Potential for Good, and for Harm
TimescaleDB Focuses on Query Power and Scale
The CockroachDB Distributed SQL Database Reports for Production Duty
Alluxio Provides Distributed Storage at In-Memory Speeds
Distelli Manages Kubernetes Deployments Across Multiple Clouds
Deckard Tackles Documentation Pains with AI and Data Analytics
DataFire Links Back-End Developer APIs to Create Data Flows Between Services
Linkerd 1.0, a Communications Service Mesh for Cloud-Native Apps
TiDB Brings Distributed Scalability to SQL
Pusher Helps Bring Real-Time Apps to the Masses
Crunchy Data Brings a Kubernetes Operator to Postgres
How MemSQL Drives Real World Real-Time Analytics
Portworx Provides a Container-Level Approach to Managing Stateful Applications
FaunaDB Harnesses the Serverless Cloud
Close the Feedback Loop: Automating Systems of Insight
Machine Learning and Playbooks are Key to DFLabs’ Incident Response Technology
GuardiCore Focuses on Securing the ‘Gooey Interior’
Realm’s Mobile Development Platform Links to PostgreSQL to Tie into Enterprise Data
Evolven Drills Down into Changes in Your IT Infrastructure
ScyllaDB Takes on Cassandra to Boost Efficiency, Reduce Latency
Ansible Container: Playbooks as the Sole Build and Management Tool
Mobile Dev: Filestack’s Upload Macro Gets a Makeover
Container Security Vendor NeuVector Zeroes in on the Network
Google Cloud Spanner: A Resilient Distributed SQL Database Service