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STORIES BY Susan Hall — PAGE 15
Twenty Years Old, PostgreSQL Maintains its Vigor in the Big Data Age
CoScale Offers Full-Stack Monitoring for Containers and Microservices
Containers Pose Different Operational, Security Challenges for PCI Compliance
Hazelcast Launches an Open Source In-Memory Stream Processing Engine
Demisto Applies ChatOps to Security Incident Management
Oracle Takes Its Data Integration Service to the Cloud Adds a Cast of Thousands to Help with Log Analysis Zeros in on Configuration Checks to Automate Cloud Security, Compliance
Bonsai Aims to Do for Artificial Intelligence What Databases Do for Data
Phantom Coordinates Security Software for Playbook Automation
Prevoty Embeds Defenses within the Application
Darktrace Automates Network Security Through Machine Learning
Apache Geode Spawns ‘All Sorts of In-Memory Things’
Code Climate Puts Static Analysis at Developers’ Fingertips Takes on Kubernetes Monitoring
MariaDB ColumnStore Adds Simultaneous Analytics, Transactional Processing
Blockchain Hyperledger Project Generates Interest in the Enterprise
Sematext Integrates Monitoring and Log Management into a Single Service
Sloppy’s Managed Docker-as-a-Service Lets Developers Focus on Code
Telekube Offers Remotely-Managed ‘Private SaaS’ Kubernetes
Sandstorm Uses Mega-Containerization to Offer Fine-Grained Access Control
Weaveworks Knits Networking, Prometheus Monitoring into a Cloud-Native Service, Weave Cloud
CloudMunch Wants to Complete the DevOps Feedback Loop
CoreDNS Offers a Speedy DNS Service for the Microservices Era
StackPointCloud’s Software Federates Multiple Kubernetes Deployments
Apcera’s New Platform Brings Legacy Applications into the Container Fold
OpenTracing Aims for a Clearer View of Processes in Distributed Systems
Puppet Now Comes with Docker Build Tools to Automate Container Production Deployments