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STORIES BY Susan Hall — PAGE 16
Instana Brings Microservices Monitoring to the Service Level
Apache Syncope Offers Open Source Single Sign-On Identity Management
Elasticsearch Will Soon Get Machine Learning with Elastic’s Prelert Acquisition
Canonical Releases a Commercially-Supported Kubernetes for Multi-Cloud Use
PubNub Offers Serverless Programming for Real-time Streaming Services
Supergiant Builds on Kubernetes to Manage Multitenancy for Distributed Applications
Reflect Translates Visualizations into Code
Kentik Is a Data Engine Modeled after Google Dremel
HashiCorp Drives to Expand the Scope Beyond Developer Tools
DigitalOcean Offers a Lift to Startups with Accelerator Program
Fugue Strives to Bring Management Harmony to Amazon Web Services
Five Things Going on with Red Hat’s Project Atomic
Kontena Offers a Kubernetes Alternative That Promises to be Easier to Deploy
LinkedIn Brings Gradle Build Automation to Python
The Noms Database Aims to Become the Git of Shared Data
ThousandEyes Extends Network Monitoring to Internet Itself
New Relic Takes on Configuration Errors with Infrastructure Monitoring
Apache Kudu: A Fast Columnar Data Store for Hadoop
CloudFabrix Knows if Your System Supports Your Mission
Electric Cloud Automates Rolling Deployments for Zero-Downtime Updates
LogDNA Aims to Make Logging More Predictive with Machine Learning
Zokets Wants to Make Container Deployment Push-Button Easy
Case Study: Elasticsearch Powers Giant Oak’s Fight Against Organized Crime
The Emerging Containers as a Service Marketplace
Apache Bahir Gives Spark Extensions a New Home
Algolia Takes In-App Search to New Places
Libcloud Pulls Together Cloud Services Under a Single API
Tinkerpop Growing with Graph Database Popularity