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STORIES BY Susan Hall — PAGE 17
Perspica Deploys Machine Learning to Fuse Application and Infrastructure Monitoring Aims to Soothe the Savage IT Shop with a DevOps Platform
Sourcegraph Aims to be the ‘Google for Code’
Concord Leverages Mesos for High Performance Stream Processing
Univa Brings Supercomputer Scheduling to Kubernetes
Nervana Systems: ‘Lettuce’ Help You with Deep Learning Projects
Pachyderm Challenges Hadoop with Containerized Data Lakes
Wercker Workflows Allows Developers to Tether Multiple Pipelines
Apache Gets Yet Another Stream Processing Engine with Apex
Platform9 Manages OpenStack for the Busy Enterprise
Dome9 Automates Permissions for Multiple AWS Accounts
For Robin Systems, Everything’s in a Container
Apache Flink Gets Real with Continuous Stream Processing
Open Container Initiative Launches a Container Image Format Spec
DataStax Unveils an Enterprise Graph Database Built From Cassandra and TitanDB
Apache Drill Eliminates ETL, Data Transformation for MapR Database
Deep Information Sciences Offers a Self-Tuning Database System Built on Machine Learning
Micro Wants to Move Beyond Containers with Go-Based Microservices Framework
Red Hat Woos Developers with Free RHEL and a Container Development Kit
Elasticsearch Expands into Relationship Modeling with New Graph Plugin
Hadoop Standards Group ODPi Releases Runtime Specification
Oracle Cloud Now Offered as a Private Cloud Package for the Enterprise
ContainerX Will Offer a Container Management Platform for the Enterprise
The Role of Platform-as-a-Service in the Container Era
Crate Built a Distributed SQL Database System To Run Within Containers
Chef Adds Dependency Management, Compliance to its Workflow Software
Cisco Brings Network Functions Virtualization to the Enterprise
CircleCI Adds Support for OS X, On-Premises Deployments