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STORIES BY Susan Hall — PAGE 18
Meteor Galaxy Containerizes JavaScript Apps for Full-stack Management
Percona Challenges Oracle with High Performance MySQL 5.7
CloudBees Offers Self-Service Jenkins for Private, Dedicated Clouds
Apache Arrow’s Columnar Layouts of Data Could Accelerate Hadoop, Spark
New Anaconda Package Embeds Python on Cloudera Hadoop
Red Hat Ansible Extends IT Automation to the Network
Linux Foundation Takes on Networking with Effort
Wercker Automates the Workflow for Building Containers
IBM Bulks up Bluemix with Apache Spark-based Analytics
CoreOS’s rkt Container is Now Ready for Production Workloads
Flash-oriented Aerospike Now Supports GeoJSON
VoltDB Adds Geospatial Support, Cross-Site Replication
Rise of the Container-Focused Operating Systems
Microsoft’s Azure Stack Aims to Bridge the Cloud to Internal Systems
Project Calico Now Fully Supports Kubernetes
Apache Sets Out On a Geospatial Voyage
Citrix Sells CloudPlatform to Accelerite, Returns Focus to Core Technologies
Cisco Service Shows Employee Cloud Consumption
Ansible Settles into Red Hat, Debuts No-Wait Scheduling
Apache Spark 1.6: Strong Typing, Faster Throughput
The Year Ahead: The Rise of Containers as a Service
Cloud Native Computing Foundation Seeks Clarity for a World of Container Confusion
Docker Partners Extend Logging Capabilities for Containers
eBay’s ‘Extreme’ OLAP Engine for Distributed Data Gets Apache Backing
OCI Reveals Governance Structure Amid Debate Over Focus
PHP 7 Boasts Doubled Performance Though Security Concerns Linger
Apache CloudStack Fights The Good Fight with New Release
Apache Incubates IBM SystemML for Scalable Machine Learning