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STORIES BY Susan Hall — PAGE 19
Splice Machine Hybrid SQL System Fuses Transactions and Analytics
Docker Reveals a Universal Control Plane for Containerized Applications
VMware Open Sources the Photon Controller
Docker Container Security: Signed, Sealed and Delivered from Vulnerabilities
Rancher Labs is Building a Platform for Docker Containers
Linux Foundation Sets the Stage for Easier Sharing of APIs
Cloud9 Charts Unveils Analytics-as-a-Service Offering
Microsoft, Red Hat Partnership Signifies a Rapidly Evolving IT Ecosystem
Chef Bulks Up with Compliance and Workflow Tools
How Popular is Docker? Depends on Who You Ask
Oracle Cloud to Offer the Bitnami Application Library
What Won’t Change Now That Red Hat Has Bought Ansible
VMware’s vRealize: A Move Toward DevOps for a Market with a New Reality
The Coming AWS Container Registry: A Platform for Machine Identity and Shippable’s Continuous Delivery
Immunio’s App-Security Tool for Secure Development
Pivotal Open Sources HAWQ to Build SQL in Hadoop
Rackspace, Microsoft and the Game to Make Cassandra Accessible to the Mainstream
GitLab Adds Continuous Integration to its Git Management Service and Raises $4 Million
In Container World, Chef Faces Shifting Landscape for Configuration Management
Email Services that Serve Developers in the Complex Cloud Services Market
Mirantis Raises $100 Million to Better OpenStack, But What Really Scales Best?
Riak’s NoSQL Database and its New Fit with Apache Mesos
The Mainframe Push: What’s in it for Developers?
New Linux Collaborative Projects: Open Mainframes, Universal IO and Bare Metal Storage
IBM’s Big Linux Push to Make the Mainframe New Again
Amplitude Analytics: A Service Meant for Developers and Product Managers Raises $9 Million
Fastly Reels in Another $75 Million for Faster Content Delivery
Virtual Instruments, a Service Developers Use to Correlate App Development and Infrastructure