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STORIES BY Susan Hall — PAGE 2
PlanetScale: More Monitoring, Connections and Regions for the Database Service
Encore Models, Builds the Backend Designed in Your Head
Rowy Takes on the Limits of Airtable with Low-Code Cloud Collaboration
Low-Code Backend Builder Canonic Starts with a Graph
Garden Automates Kubernetes Building, Deploying, Testing
PlanetScale Rewind: An ‘Undo’ Button for Bad Schema Migrations
Pulsar, NiFi: Better Together for Messaging, Streaming
Open Source Mizu Unblocks View into Kubernetes API Traffic
ZigiWave Takes a No-Code Approach to Integration
Stytch’s API-First Approach to Passwordless Authentication
Apache Hop Harnesses Metadata to Create Visual Data Pipelines
Cycloid Tackles DevOps for Hybrid Clouds
Transposit Automates Workflow with a Human Touch
Supabase Takes Aim at Firebase with a Scalable Postgres Service
Datatron Leans in on Governance for Machine Learning Models
Streamlit: An App Builder for the Data Science Team
Doppler: A Platform for Managing Secrets Everywhere
WhyLabs Adds Data to the Observability Equation
Oso Unbundles Security Authorization
Zanzibar Implementation SpiceDB Is Open Source
Octopus Dives Deep into Deployment
Fluree Extends Blockchain’s Reach with Semantic Web Tech
Robocorp Makes Robotic Process Automation Programmable
Acryl Data Offers Real-Time Metadata Management
Observable Makes Collaboration Easier for Data Visualization
Airbyte: Building Data Connectors Made Easy
Testcontainers Integration Library Gets Commercial Backing with AtomicJar
Striim Tackles Data Integration Across Clouds, On-Premises