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STORIES BY Susan Hall — PAGE 20
Apigee Offers New Service to Manage Internal APIs
IBM Launches IoT Developer Community
Capital One Out to Display its Geekdom with Open Source DevOps Dashboard
Apprenda Raises $24 Million, Makes Added Container Support a Priority
MariaDB’s Latest Release Illustrates the New Demand to Run Databases in Containers
GitLab Raises $1.5 Million as Code Sharing and Open Source Gains Acceptance
Confluent Raises $24 Million to Commercialize Kafka
DigitalOcean Lands $83 Million to Expand Globally, Tackle Networking and Storage
Containers as Bacteria and Other Docker Trends via New Relic
Vital to JBoss, FeedHenry Finds a Home in Red Hat’s Mobile Platform
Docker Trusted Registry Goes On-Prem, Promises Better Security
Five Storage Companies That Speak To Docker’s Next Wave
A Different VMware: An API-Driven Hypervisor and a Docker Oriented vSphere
StackEngine Focuses on Docker Tools for the Real World
Joyent and Cannonical Offer A Linux Flavor: Ubuntu Containers on a Bare Metal Platform
Docker Will Change Hadoop, Making it Easier and Faster
HP Embraces Rivals in Bid for Hybrid Cloud Business, Developer Love
Sumo Logic Funding Shows Demand for Predictive Analytics with Data Streaming
Red Hat and all The Clouds for App Dev and Deployment
New Relic Adds Docker Support, Addresses Microservices Architectures
Pivotal Updates Hadoop Distribution, Boosts Performance of Big Data Suite
Datadog and PagerDuty Make Scaling Easier for Airbnb
VMware Responds to Container Movement with Lightweight Linux OS and Cloud-Native Tools
Pivotal Makes In-Memory Database GemFire Open Source
Varnish API Engine Focuses on Performance Amid Heavy Traffic
CoreOS Tightens Fit with Kubernetes, Raises $12M from Google Ventures
Piston Cloud’s Smart Move to Build a Fungible Platform
HP Courts Developers with Tools for Monitoring Mobile Apps