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STORIES BY Susan Hall — PAGE 4
Kuma, a New CNCF Project, Enhances the Control Plane for Mixed Infrastructure
GuardRails: Security for the DevOps Age
Env0: Self-Service for Infrastructure-as-Code, Plus Cost Visibility
Render: Cloud Deployment with Less Engineering
BluBracket: Getting a Grip on Open Source Code Helps Eliminate ‘Kafka Fridays’ for Vortexa
Kasten: Data Management for Kubernetes
Automated Dependency Management with Depfu
Databand: Observability for Data Pipelines
Spectro Cloud: SaaS Kubernetes Your Way
Komprise: Elastic Data Migration
Cribl Tackles Observability Costs, ‘Agent Fatigue’
Stateless Rethinks Modern Networking
ZeroNorth: One Risk-Based View for all an Organization’s Security Tools
Chronosphere: Metrics at the Scale of Uber
Data Theorem: API Security from Mobile to Serverless
Chaosmesh: Chaos Engineering for Every Layer
eBay Tweaks Mobile and Web Platforms for Faster Performance
Fuzzit: Building Fuzzing into Continuous Integration Workflows
Devo: Faster Time to Insights from Data
TriggerMesh: Anywhere Serverless Integration
VMware Acquires Nyansa for AI-Aided Networking Analytics
DataOps: Drives Data with SQL, Kafka
DENT: An Operating System for Disaggregated Network Switches
Argo Rollouts: How Intuit Does Blue/Green and Canary Deployments on Kubernetes
Nimbella: Making Serverless Easier and Stateful
Chef Teams with Rezilion for Security Automation
F5 and NGINX: Going Forward with Kubernetes