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STORIES BY Susan Hall — PAGE 6
Today’s CI/CD: From ‘Fat Sheepdogs’ to ‘Robot Cats’
CloudBees Expands into Software Delivery Management
Unravel Data Adds AI to Prevent Cloud-Migration Cost Hangovers
D2iQ, Formerly Mesosphere, Brings Enterprise Management to Kubernetes
AtScale Adds Time Series to Its Big Data Capabilities
Kentik Turns AIOps Spotlight on Network Data, Workflows
Polaris Points the Way to Kubernetes Best Practices
Lyft’s Amundsen: Data-Discovery with Built-In Trust
WSO2 Updates Microgateway to Boot Faster, Serve Multiple Microservices
The Netlify Web Platform Adds Server-Side Analytics Aimed at Privacy
The Box Way to Microservices: Kubernetes, DevOps, GitOps and the Desired State
Replex Sheds Light on Kubernetes Costs
Distributed Graph with GraphQL
Artifactory at Scale at IBM Cloud
Making Driverless Car Software Updates Automatic, Seamless
JFrog Pipelines: Easier, Unified Software Delivery
Nirmata’s Kyverno: Kubernetes Configuration Via Policy
Pulumi Crosswalk Aims to Simplify Deploying to AWS
Brendan Burns on Building Open Source Communities
Honeycomb: Debugging, Collaboration Made Easier
Chef and Kubernetes: Better Together?
Rancher Rio: Taking Care of the First Half of the Developer’s Day
New Chef Features Focus on ‘Effortless Infrastructure’
Applitools: AI to Make Visual Testing Smarter
New Relic One Offers an Enterprise-Wide View
Hello Tractor: An App-Driven Ecosystem for Tractor-Sharing
Toronto Toll Road Takes the Fast Lane to Personalized Service
Progress Unite UX Bridges the Gap Between Designers, Developers