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STORIES BY Susan Hall — PAGE 7
SkyWalking: APM for the Heterogeneous New Stack
Red Hat’s Quay 3 Container Supports Multiple Architectures
Compensating Open Source Maintainers, Tidelift’s on a Roll
Docker, Arm Team up to Bring Containers to the Edge
K3OS: A Kubernetes OS Distro for Edge Computing
Unravel Data Takes Big Data Application Performance Management to the Cloud
Klusterkit Combines 3 Open Source Tools for Managing Kubernetes
Netlify Adds Local Dev Server to Platform for JAMstack Apps
Gremlin-Spinnaker Integration for Automating Chaos Engineering
FireHydrant: Managing Incidents Without the Chaos
Chef Opens Its Code Base, Says Goodbye to Open Core
Kong Applies Machine Learning to Microservice Management
Rancher 2.2 Brings Greater Control to Kubernetes
Kubernetes 1.14 Brings Docker Orchestration to Windows Server
Aible: AI That Speaks Business
Scytale Launches SPIFFE-Based Service Identity Management
A Testbed for Cloud Native Network Functions
New Alcide Release Enhances Kubernetes, Istio Security
VMware Introduces Essential PKS for Custom Kubernetes Deployments
Electric Cloud Accelerates Embedded Linux, Android Builds
NeuVector Adds Enhanced Security to Service Meshes
CN-NOS: A Cloud Native Network Operating System
Lumigo: End-to-End Serverless Monitoring and Troubleshooting
LF Edge Project Focuses on Openness, Interoperability
Rancher Supports Running Apps Across Multiple Kubernetes Clusters
Presto’s New Foundation Signals Growth for the Big Data SQL Engine
Timescale Updates Time-Series Database, Enters Multilicense Fray
SuperGloo Unifies Management of Multiple Service Meshes