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STORIES BY Susan Hall — PAGE 7
Distributed Graph with GraphQL
Artifactory at Scale at IBM Cloud
Making Driverless Car Software Updates Automatic, Seamless
JFrog Pipelines: Easier, Unified Software Delivery
Nirmata’s Kyverno: Kubernetes Configuration Via Policy
Pulumi Crosswalk Aims to Simplify Deploying to AWS
Brendan Burns on Building Open Source Communities
Honeycomb: Debugging, Collaboration Made Easier
Chef and Kubernetes: Better Together?
Rancher Rio: Taking Care of the First Half of the Developer’s Day
New Chef Features Focus on ‘Effortless Infrastructure’
Applitools: AI to Make Visual Testing Smarter
New Relic One Offers an Enterprise-Wide View
Hello Tractor: An App-Driven Ecosystem for Tractor-Sharing
Toronto Toll Road Takes the Fast Lane to Personalized Service
Progress Unite UX Bridges the Gap Between Designers, Developers
SkyWalking: APM for the Heterogeneous New Stack
Red Hat’s Quay 3 Container Supports Multiple Architectures
Compensating Open Source Maintainers, Tidelift’s on a Roll
Docker, Arm Team up to Bring Containers to the Edge
K3OS: A Kubernetes OS Distro for Edge Computing
Unravel Data Takes Big Data Application Performance Management to the Cloud
Klusterkit Combines 3 Open Source Tools for Managing Kubernetes
Netlify Adds Local Dev Server to Platform for JAMstack Apps
Gremlin-Spinnaker Integration for Automating Chaos Engineering
FireHydrant: Managing Incidents Without the Chaos
Chef Opens Its Code Base, Says Goodbye to Open Core
Kong Applies Machine Learning to Microservice Management