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STORIES BY Susan Hall — PAGE 8
CN-NOS: A Cloud Native Network Operating System
Lumigo: End-to-End Serverless Monitoring and Troubleshooting
LF Edge Project Focuses on Openness, Interoperability
Rancher Supports Running Apps Across Multiple Kubernetes Clusters
Presto’s New Foundation Signals Growth for the Big Data SQL Engine
Timescale Updates Time-Series Database, Enters Multilicense Fray
SuperGloo Unifies Management of Multiple Service Meshes
Microsoft Acquires Citus Data for Postgres Scale
StackRox Adds Kubernetes-Specific Security Capabilities
Clubhouse, Project Management Software for Engineers
Airflow, a Workflow Orchestrator for Big Data
The Envoy Proxy Finds a Home at the CNCF, Amazon Web Services
Flux: InfluxData’s New Language for Time-Series Data
How Low Can Kubernetes Go? Rancher, Arm Team to Find Out
Reaching 1.0, HashiCorp Vault Comes into Its Own
Twistlock Enhances Visibility into Multicloud, Istio, Kubernetes
Rockset: Fast SQL Querying on Raw Data
Aqua’s ‘Guardrails’ for Securing Serverless Containers, Functions
Rancher Takes Kubernetes Management to China
Mesosphere Doubles Down on Kubernetes, Multicluster Management
Bitnami Stacksmith Packages Apps for AWS, Azure
Gravity Clones Clusters to Simplify Kubernetes Management
HashiCorp Aims to Lighten Management of the Multicloud
Turning Blue: IBM to Acquire Red Hat
CA’s AIOps Platform Promises Holistic Intelligence for Operations
Chef InSpec 3.0: Wider, Deeper on Automated Compliance
Kafka Alternative Pulsar Unifies Streaming and Queuing
KubeDirector, BlueData’s Custom Controller for Big Data Tasks