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Binge Watch Accelerate’s Top Agile Testing Sessions

Some of the best software testing technqiues from the Accelerate conference, from Europe.
Jan 27th, 2020 2:03pm by
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Tricentis sponsored this post.

Cynthia Dunlop
Cynthia, director of content strategy at Tricentis, specializes in writing about software development, test automation, and enterprise automation.

Just because you missed Accelerate, Europe’s largest testing and automation conference, doesn’t mean you need to miss out on all the great content. Although we can’t replay the excitement, entertainment and conversations that made Accelerate “IRL” the amazing event that it was, we can offer you a great batch of sessions that you can watch on-demand from the comfort of your own desk (or couch). Pop some popcorn and create your own playlist from these top agile-testing sessions.

“Agile Doesn’t Require More Testing or Faster Testing — It Requires Better Testing”

Leandro Melendez, Señor Performo

The old ways of just trying to automate many things and trying to keep up and survive through the constant changes that appear sprint by sprint does not work anymore (if it ever did). We must change our ways and test smarter. Not faster, not more, but better. This applies not only to performance and load testing, but to all QA practices. Watch this video to hear Senor Performo’s thoughts on how to evolve traditional testing practices to progressive automation at multiple levels.

“Testing Transformation – Why Now?”

Viktoria Praschl, Tricentis
Sandra Baker, Worldpay
Tammie Davis, IHG
Alex Kyriazis, ANZ

Viktoria Praschl leads a panel discussion with quality leaders from a variety of enterprise organizations. The panel explores what’s been driving so many quality leaders to launch testing transformation initiatives in the past two years, the challenges they’ve faced and their strategies for success.

“Toyota North America’s Cloud Load-Testing Approach”

Neeraj Tripathi, Toyota North America
Hector Martinez, Toyota North America
Kevin Dunne, Tricentis

Toyota provides innovative and collaborative solutions to drive built-in quality. Their teams address multiple types of applications in an agile environment with extremely high enterprise standards. Learn how they shifted their traditional performance engineering into an agile approach that emphasizes efficiency and adaptability and leveraged Tricentis Flood to modernize cloud load testing.

“Open Source Testing: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly”

Elise Carmichael, Tricentis

At some point, we all commit to automating some of the riskiest use cases because, let’s be honest, something bad happened in production. But how do you proceed? Do you standardize your projects and teams on a single framework or framework style such as Behavior-Driven Development? Do you let each team do what they think is best? How will you maintain this new behemoth that you’re about to create? Learn how to answer these and other critical “getting started” questions — as well as track the KPIs vital for demonstrating the ROI on your automation investment.


“How IHG Modernized Test Management for Agile”

Barbara Vlahos, IHG

As Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG) adopted and scaled Agile throughout the organization, the Global Quality Engineering (GQE) groups knew it was imperative to transform their test management strategy. With more rapid iterations across smaller, more independent teams, the tooling, best practices and workflows that had served them well in the past needed evolve — but without causing a revolution across the different teams and roles contributing to the quality process. Watch this video to learn why and how IHG’s GQE group designed, rolled out, scaled and measured the core test management transformation — and what they’re doing next to stay ahead.


“Scaling Test Automation at Worldpay”

Sandra Baker, Worldpay

Worldpay’s quality team is consistently years ahead of their peers in terms of leading testing transformations. They originally initiated a testing transformation when Agile was just reaching the enterprise — and before DevOps was even born. Watch this video to learn how they’ve continuously expanded the scale and scope of their extremely mature test automation practice — including their ventures into BI/data warehouse test automation, mobile testing and more.

“A Diamond is a Tester’s Best Friend: Automation Transformation in Agile Worlds.”

Denise Rigoni, Sixsentix
Matthias Rasking, Sixsentix

By now you have heard about turning the automation pyramid upside down, automating as much as possible at the unit or developer test level and using less and less automation as you go up the process chain. Large companies often face a steep hurdle to get to this model given that few legacy applications come with (automated) unit tests or the required traceability from code to functional units from a testing perspective. This has been called the “Eroding Test Pyramid,” especially when focusing on regression testing. Watch this video to learn how the “diamond” concept helps you address these challenges — providing teams more flexibility to change according to their own velocity, while safeguarding your application or system quality as transformation is underway.

“The Reality of Agile Testing”

Gerhard Belina, SPAR ICS

There’s often a big difference between “doing” agile projects versus setting up an (agile) value stream factory. Watch this video to learn how SPAR optimized the throughput in the context of SPAR’s eCommerce. Gerhard shared SPAR’s internal metrics on the impact of test automation, as well as present the results of their ROI analysis comparing manual testing efforts vs automated testing efforts.


Photo: Ulrich Aydt

But wait, there’s more! You can watch additional sessions covering topics such as load testing, big data testing, scaling Selenium test automation, value stream management, RPA and others at the Tricentis Resource Center. And, if you’ve found these sessions valuable, join us at Accelerate 2020 — in San Francisco or Vienna.

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