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Breaking Down Software Teams and Platforms at Capital One

Apr 12th, 2018 12:40pm by
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Breaking Down The Software Team And Platforms At Capital One

Naveed Anwar, managing vice president of global platform, strategic partnerships, integrations and developer community at Capital One, said at SXSW that the core strength of technology architecture comes with the first building block: the development of a great team.

In this episode of The New Stack Makers, Anwar discusses who Capital One hires, what they are looking for and how teams at Capital One execute on projects.

The conversation follows a path to deeper explore the processes Capital One follows and how that plays into their overall architectural development. Capital One is building a system of values that in some respects gives it an air of excitement where noted technologists like Lorinda Brandon and James Higginbotham have gone to work.

Last year, The New Stack appeared at the Capital One House to provide coverage. This year, The New Stack came by to say hello and talk with Anwar about a number of issues and topics that came up which we plan to discuss through the year.

In particular, the question is about data architectures, infrastructure and values. The intersection of these themes comes where our coverage will follow. Individuals’ experiences are defined by the policies of the organization where they work. This requires an overall organizational thinking about the deep decisions about application architectures and how they intersect with fast emerging data architectures. At the core of this synergy are the values that bind the development of what we will know comes as data and application architectures more deeply integrate.

The overall questions about these intersections will come from the people who are making the technologies, the individuals at different intersections. Who are they? What are the technologies they are building and why does it matter to them?

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