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Windocks Brings Containers to Microsoft Windows

1 Mar 2017 12:33pm, by

In this episode of The New Stack Makers, we talk about bringing containers to Microsoft Windows environments with Paul StantonWindocks’ vice president for the cloud. We asked about the benefits of bringing containers to SQL Server and Windows environments, as well as how Windocks enables continuous integration practices. We also talk about the challenges around containers and data persistence.

Bringing Containers to Windows Environments with Windocks

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1:10: How long Windocks has been in the game and what they are doing right now.

2:45: Benefits that containers bring to SQL Server and Windows environments.

4:31: How Windocks enables continuous integration practices.

6:16: Long term data storage and containers.

11:43: How Windocks differs from other solutions.

14:37: What recent Microsoft advances in container support changed for Windocks users?

16:29: Containers on SQL Server is a nontrivial engineering feat.

17:18: The road ahead for Windocks.