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Delivering Performance Metrics for Everyone’s Unique Perspective

Jun 21st, 2017 2:00pm by
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The behavior of applications in distributed systems is not yet a deterministic science. We can’t say with absolute certainty what types or patterns of code make a container run faster, or certainly, we would have already done so.

So it’s safe to say there is no single way to monitor containers running in production. CA Technologies, which has been in the application monitoring field for the entirety of this decade, has its own strategy: to filter out the infrastructure-centric elements from container monitoring, and present to developers metrics that are tailored for the way they understand the system.

“We collect normal information, like metrics, from the various tiers of applications,” explained Sushil Kumar, CA Technologies’ senior vice president, in a conversation with The New Stack. “We collect the transaction traces as well from the underlying infrastructure. And then we essentially co-mingle all this data in our analytics back-end. And then we provide a persona-specific view to various personas in the enterprise. So a developer gets to see a very developer-centric view.”

It’s not the usual strategy, which involves every department merging their respective mindsets into a single pot, stirring it around, letting it simmer, and calling whatever the result may be DevOps. Rather, it’s an effort to leverage analytics to provide filters that are tinted, if you will, for the specific perspectives of the individual departments. You get exactly the reality you expect to see.

Listen now to Kumar’s explanation of how such a system works in this latest installment of The New Stack Makers podcast.

Delivering Performance Metrics for Everyone’s Unique Perspective


2:48: “The real goal of APM is to ensure a flawless user experience.”
5:32: Docker is here to stay, but now someone has to monitor it, and may not know how.
7:53: If monitoring requires people to change their habits, they won’t do it.
11:12: Developers’ responsibility to deliver both speed and delight.
13:56: How developers drill down to a view of performance tailored to them.
17:48: How CA Performance Management interacts with cluster managers.

CA Technologies is a sponsor of The New Stack.

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