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How Capital One Brings Open Source to the Banking Industry

May 15th, 2017 3:00pm by
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By now, even most large organizations have realized the benefits that accrue with using open source software — the collective hive mind that fixes bugs and develops new features at a faster pace than any commercial software company could match. Yet, companies in highly regulated industries, such as the banking, face considerable regulatory hurdles in using open source software. In this New Stack Makers interview, Jared Smith, director of Open Source Community Outreach at Capital One, talks about how the company worked through these challenges to enjoy the benefits of open source.

How Capital One Brings Open Source To The Banking Industry


0:46: Open source in a regulatory world.
4:46: The open source licensing process at Capital One.
6:09: Approaching Hydrograph‘s development from a regulatory view while also making it open source.
8:07: The diplomacy of data operations and disparate data.
9:33: The open source development process at Capital One.
12:08: Identifying and overcoming legal and security challenges.

Kiran Oliver produced this podcast.

Capital One sponsored this podcast.

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