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Chat Is the New Query

A bot can seamlessly pull project details or meeting notes with a simple chat command. Information now can come to you in real time.
Jan 30th, 2024 6:40am by
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Smart algorithms and bots are reshaping the way we communicate and access information. These new tools deliver user-friendly experiences while eliminating tedious workflows, embodying the concept, “Chat is the new query.” This is quickly becoming evident in everything from DevOps to customer success to people operations.

Searching for information has always been about navigating through repositories of information. The only thing that’s changed over the years is the medium. But now we’ve entered a new era — one in which information is no longer something to be found. Information has taken an active form with the help of AI, particularly natural language processing (NLP). A bot can seamlessly pull project details or meeting notes with a simple chat command. Information now can come to you in real time.

Our journey at QueryPal started when we realized that queries and searches had quickly become bottlenecks in the world of DevOps. The sheer volume of data and the need for real-time insights demanded a shift in the way we interacted with information. Efficiency is paramount, and now it’s always at our fingertips with the help of AI.

Imagine a scenario where a team is being bombarded with tickets. Instead of the tickets piling up until someone knows the answer or can resolve the issue, a team member can just go on Slack and ask questions — “Has this issue come up before? How was it resolved?” — and they’ll get their answer in a conversational, context-rich format with supporting links and sources. Efficiency skyrockets as tasks that once required specialized knowledge become accessible to everyone on the team.

This level of conversational interaction not only streamlines processes; it also enhances collaboration. Collaboration improves as team members can communicate seamlessly without the need for specialized training or knowledge across channels. No more deciphering cryptic commands or digging through extensive documentation. Beyond ticketing, this paradigm shift extends to various operational challenges, including on-call concerns, balancing multiple roles or tasks, dealing with legacy code and siloed information, frequent interruptions, limited support or access to resources, and more.

In other domains, like customer support, team members can swiftly access the information for common customer queries by asking for it. Customer support can streamline the process so that every customer thinks they’re the only customer due to the speed and personalized attention they receive — thanks to bots deflecting more than half of low-tier queries. People operations can also benefit. Employees can inquire about company policies, time off, benefits and more in Slack or Microsoft Teams.

This all comes together as NLP models are trained on your data and learn to recognize and provide the right information at the right time. Powered by NLP, bots are smarter than ever, and can comprehend user queries, discern intent and execute actions in seconds. The control we grant them helps in maintaining security too. You don’t have to worry about information leaks across channels or conversations happening in unsafe places. The bot can do it all, in the channel it was meant to.

Conversational interfaces are changing the way we interact with our data, addressing operational challenges across various domains. There are a lot of different use cases where QueryPal can help teams build knowledge — not just from knowledge bases, but also prior conversations in chat, and incidents and tickets that have been closed. QueryPal can auto-respond with relevant, accurate responses and provide meaningful metrics, so subject matter experts are no longer burdened with answering repetitive questions. We are not just building tools; we are revolutionizing the way teams operate, fostering a new era where chat truly becomes the most natural way to interact with your organization’s information.

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