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Helm Co-Creator on Using Kubernetes and Deis Workflow at Clearbit

28 Feb 2017 10:16am, by

In this episode of The New Stack Makers podcast, we speak to Rimas Mocevicius, operations engineer at Clearbit. Mocevicius was one of the co-creators of the Helm project, a package manager for the Kubernetes container orchestration engine, which has since become part of Kubernetes. Clearbit offers sales and marketing data, which it keeps current through a robust infrastructure reliant on Kubernetes as well as the Deis Workflow Platform as a Service.

Mocevicius has been a long time user of Kubernetes, and in the past worked at Deis, where he participated in creating Helm only two weeks on the job. He spoke to some of the reasons why Kubernetes and Deis Workflow works for Clearbit, including how Deis Workflow can help developers who are not as familiar with using Kubernetes. We also talked about some of the challenges he’s dealt with, including the operational challenge of getting Kubernetes running on Amazon Web Services.

Helm Co-Creator on Using Kubernetes and Deis Workflow at Clearbit

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1:10: Dev staging and production clusters moved to Kubernetes.
3:05: The creation of Helm and Rima’s background in Kubernetes.
4:35: Using Deis Workflow PaaS at Clearbit.
6:00: Deis Workflow makes Kubernetes easier for developers.
8:25: Clearbit’s roots are in containers.
10:00: Getting Kubernetes running on AWS was the biggest operational challenge.
13:34: Peak time traffic management at Clearbit.
15:10: The appeal of Kubernetes self-healing for Operations.
16:10: Kubernetes is continuing to mature as a solution.
18:50: Looking forward to Kubernetes 1.6 and CoreOS rkt runtime support.