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Cloud Foundry Summit Pancake Breakfast Podcast: Containerizing Cloud Foundry

Apr 26th, 2018 12:01pm by
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#160: Cloud Foundry Summit Pancake Breakfast Podcast: Containerzing Cloud Foundry

For this latest edition of The New Stack Analysts, we took our pancakes and our podcast equipment to Boston, for the Cloud Foundry Summit, for a wide-ranging discussion on Cloud Foundry, cloud-native computing and Kubernetes.

Hosted by TNS founder Alex Williams, with TNS managing editor Joab Jackson, our panel consisted of:

Much of the discussion revolved around how to integrate Cloud Foundry, a platform to ease the process of enterprise development, with a container-based architecture, perhaps one managed by the Kubernetes open source container orchestration engine. That week, Cloud Foundry had certified SUSE’s Cloud Application Platform as an official Cloud Foundry platform, the first of which is delivered in containers.

“Software has to evolve,” Goldberg said, adding that, with all of the technologies Google uses, “Our goal is to think about all of those environments in a consistent way that allows to have the velocity.”

In this Edition:

6:56: What benefits does Kubernetes bring to the Cloud Foundry developer experience?

14:12: Expanding on the phrase, “Containers are the new virtualization.”

24:29: Agile and continuous delivery and architecting towards that.

26:43: How SUSE is running Cloud Foundry as a set of containerized services.

30:35: What is meant by, “Ripping the guts out,” of Cloud Foundry.

40:57: Continued growth and collaboration between the Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry communities.

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