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Cloud Foundry Summit Pancake Podcast: Communications in the Cloud Native Era

Jun 29th, 2017 1:00pm by and
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Stackie, the New Stack’s traveling pancake robot, ventured to Santa Clara California this week to host a pancake breakfast and podcast recording for the Cloud Foundry Summit Silicon Valley 2017. As steampunk hacker Dr. Torq tended to the fussy 3-D pancake maker, TNS founder Alex Williams hosted a lively panel discussion about the evolution of Cloud Foundry, the Open Service Broker API, and Kubo, which is a new open source project being developed by Pivotal and Google that uses Google Bosh to package and deploy Kubernetes. The panel also discussed their favorite forms of communications for geographically diverse development teams, mentioning Twitter, Slack, telepathy and conferences.

The panelists for this episode of the The New Stack Analysts podcast were:

  • Dieu Cao: Pivotal director of product management,
  • Holger Mueller: Constellation Research vice president and principal analyst,
  • Abby Kearns: Cloud Foundry executive director,
  • Sarah Novotny: Google Program Manager of Kubernetes Community.

Check out the end of the video of this podcast to see a special segment where Dr. Torq explains the hardware hacker methodology and demonstrates his steampunk eyeball and as well as his “Electro-Matic Conference Personality Identification Device.”

#140: Cloud Foundry Summit Pancake Podcast – Communications in the Cloud-native Era


2:57: Discussing the emerging themes of Cloud Foundry Summit Silicon Valley.
7:35: Use cases of the Service Broker API.
13:43: Exploring the Cloud Foundry developer certification program.
18:11: The goals of Kubo and its intersections between Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes.
21:40: How Kubo gets around Kubernetes limitations for high availability.
25:13: Does this make Cloud Foundry both opinionated and un-opinionated?

The Cloud Foundry Foundation is a sponsor of The New Stack.

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