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Cloud Security in a Distributed DevOps World: A Virtual Pancake Breakfast

Register for the Virtual Pancake Breakfast with Prisma Cloud by Palo Alto Networks.
May 4th, 2020 12:50pm by
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With many businesses shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic, the usually busy streets and work offices may seem quieter. However, there’s still a lot of work getting done from home offices across the globe.

Join us on Wednesday, May 13 at 8 a.m. PDT as we hear from industry experts on how today’s distributed teams are experiencing increased workloads with accelerating deployment to the cloud. We’ll discuss the impact on organizations as they work to manage and secure their cloud workloads from any location.

Thanks to our sponsor, Prisma Cloud by Palo Alto Networks, we have assembled a panel of experts for a lively discussion and Q&A session on Cloud Security in a Distributed DevOps World.

Here’s the Plan:

  • Register for the Virtual Pancake Breakfast with Prisma Cloud by Palo Alto Networks.
  • By May 12, share your virtual watch party set-up on Twitter, and you’ll be entered for a chance to win breakfast on us. How to win:
    • Share a picture of your pancake set-up on Twitter
    • Include the hashtag #TNSVirtualPancakes
    • Tag @TheNewStack
  • If you’re one the first 20 attendees to share on Twitter, you’ll receive a short stack on us via $10 GrubHub gift card sent right to your Twitter DM.
  • On May 13, log into the event by 8 a.m. PDT and “Come have a short stack with The New Stack!”
  • Send us your questions throughout the live event for another chance to win a prize!

Grab a Seat for the Discussion:

Prisma Cloud by Palo Alto Networks has been at the forefront of DevOps and security. The company recently announced new enhancements to address the most common source of security issues that is often found in cloud application development, deployment and operations. The New Stack founder and publisher, Alex Williams, will dive into this topic, and take us through the challenges that distributed teams face to protect their data, and how developers and application security teams can work together through DevSecOps practices to mitigate security threats in key workflow areas like CI/CD.

We invite you to tap into the conversation and hear directly from John Morello, vice president of products for containers and serverless security at Palo Alto Networks. Morello joined the Palo Alto Networks team following its acquisition of Twistlock, where he served as CTO and helped grow the company from 0 to over 400 customers. He is also on the governing board of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).

We’ll also be joined by analyst Carla Arend, who oversees IDC’s European cloud research and will share some timely insights on the market dynamics and end-user adoption trends. We’re also fortunate to have Cheryl Hung, Director of Ecosystem, CNCF, join us. Hung previously led multidisciplinary distributed teams and built globally distributed systems as a Google software engineer.

Grab a seat and join the conversation to get the insider scoop. As we usually do, the pancake breakfast discussion will be published as a podcast on The New Stack Analysts. Stay connected with the community and come along for a virtual short stack!


In concert with our virtual pancake breakfast with Palo Alto Networks, The New Stack will provide a $10 GrubHub gift card via your Twitter DM to the first 20 registrants who share a picture of their pancake set-up on Twitter and register for the event.

Anyone may enter the contest starting on Monday, May 2, 2020, by tweeting a photo of their pancake watch setup, and tagging @thenewstack, and register for the event. The New Stack will contact the winners with a direct message on Twitter to receive their name and email address.

The New Stack never has and never will share your personal information and will only use your email for the purposes of contacting the winner.

The likelihood of winning will depend on the total number of entrants, estimated to be in the 1/100 to 1/500 range.

The New Stack will choose a winner after the virtual event takes place, no later than May 16 based on all entry dates. The winner will be notified via the Twitter DM they provide.

Address questions about the survey or sweepstakes to

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