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How CloudFabrix is Bringing the Enterprise Governance to the Cloud

Sep 9th, 2016 10:26am by
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As enterprises continue to scale up and out across the cloud, their infrastructure can become difficult to manage. Understanding where to abstract away layers of one’s infrastructure can be beneficial to operations teams because it provides more control when working with policy management and creation.

In this episode of The New Stack Makers podcast, we spoke with CloudFabrix Chief Product Officer Bhaskar Krishnamsetty and Chief Technology Officer Raju Penmetsa to learn how CloudFabrix helps enterprise manage an entire application stack. TNS hosts Kyle MacDonald and Lee Calcote — the cloud and container technology leader for SolarWinds — are also joined by Scott Raney, partner for venture capital firm RedPoint.

How CloudFabrix is Bringing the Enterprise into the Cloud

The interview was recorded at Cloud Foundry Summit 2016. You can also listen to this episode on YouTube.

CloudFabrix began in 2009 as an infrastructure management platform, eventually evolving to offer a variety of services which govern, manage, and analyze one’s infrastructure end-to-end. They aim to provide governance controls for not only developers but operations teams. “With Docker and Docker technology, the portability has become easier, but the biggest hindrance from the enterprise is still the governance, security and control,” Krishnamsetty said.

“That’s where we needed to bring these things together, by putting in abstraction at the application layer, not at the bottom layer. The higher the abstraction, you have better control. The lower the abstraction, you have a lot less control,” Krishnamsetty explained. “The one challenge with higher abstraction layers is if it’s not done right, the more proprietary the platform becomes. That’s the biggest challenge the PaaS ecosystem has right now,” Raney added.

Ultimately, much of today’s business-critical enterprise infrastructure simply isn’t where it needs to be just yet. Penmetsa implored that this fact should be the primary focus of today’s enterprise-facing technology solutions. “If you really look at the enterprise, 70-80 percent are business-critical, traditional .NET, Java-based, and Oracle SAP, right? They aren’t architected with the cloud in mind. We need to figure out what is the right platform or technology for them to transform.”

CloudFabrix and Cloud Foundry are sponsors of The New Stack.

Feature image: (Clockwise from left): Kyle Macdonald, Scott Raney, Bhaskar Krishnamsetty, Lee Calcote, Raju Penmetsa.

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