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How CloudFabrix Brings Governance and Consistency to Today’s Enterprise Clouds

Jul 18th, 2016 10:43am by
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As enterprises shift into the cloud, setting up a cloud-based infrastructure from legacy software can be a challenge, particularly in terms of governance, integration, and access to data. While there exist a wide variety of cloud-based technologies for the enterprise, there is a distinct lack of consistency and disparate governance challenges.

“One of the biggest barriers to IT operations is being able to control and govern a workflow. Respective of its location, governance and security must be built in, harnessed, and unified,”  explained CloudFabrix Product and Marketing Lead Bhaskar Krishnamsetty.

In this episode of The New Stack Makers, we take a look into the ways that cloud-based governance platform CloudFabrix is empowering enterprises to harness the power of multi-cloud development, and what barriers today’s enterprises face when setting up a new governance policy. The New Stack founder Alex Williams spoke with Krishnamsetty to get his thoughts on these matters.

How CloudFabrix Eases the Pain of Updating Today’s Legacy Enterprise Stack

“CloudFabrix is a cloud-based platform that discovers your infrastructure and works with existing tools to modernize your workflow to the cloud, define business outcomes, and monitors your applications to see if they are meeting those outcomes. It also predicts negative outcomes before they happen, and recommends preventative measures,” said Krishnamsetty.

CloudFabrix helps enterprises to utilize continuous discovery and application data to better define their business outcomes, with the ability to modernize their legacy applications, migrate to a cloud-based infrastructure, and automate its DevOps workflow.

As the discussion went on, Krishnamsetty highlighted the importance of governance in today’s cloud-based infrastructure: “One should know as they are doing DevOps, is if it is meeting business outcomes. It’s also very important to have a good governance platform.”

CloudFabrix is a sponsor of The New Stack.

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