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The {code} Mission in the Maturing Container Technology Landscape

Sep 22nd, 2017 2:27pm by
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The Container Landscape’s Maturity Evident in {code} Storage Projects

The container landscape is maturing. With that maturity comes new challenges that are playing out in how companies think about state, persistent data, and application architecture within the context of operations.

How people use containers in production will depend a lot upon how their networking and storage technologies meet the new demands of cloud-native computing. Many of today’s container technologies are built as open source projects. It is in these open source communities where projects like REX-Ray are getting developed. REX-Ray is a container storage orchestration engine enabling persistence for cloud native workloads, offering storage integration with various environments including Dell, Amazon and Red Hat Ceph. It also interoperates with the  Container Storage Interface, Kubernetes and OpenShift, Docker as well as Apache Mesos.

Open-sourced by Dell Technologies, REX-Ray is managed by {code}, the company’s open source research and development arm. We caught up with Clint Kitson, {code} director, at the Software Circus, and asked about the maturing of container technologies and how that fits with {code}, its outreach and the work it is doing to make REX-Ray integrate with different storage environments.

In this Edition

1:00: What {code} is, and how it is approaching the market.
3:18: Challenges of the maturing container technology landscape.
4:56: Orchestration as a new way of thinking about how the application drives the infrastructure.
6:29: Container orchestration technologies adapt to new technologies.
7:28: REX-Ray.
8:00: How {code} is communicating what REX-Ray is to IT teams.

{code} is a sponsor of The New Stack.

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