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Coming Soon: New Ebook on Zero Trust Security

8 Jun 2022 11:00am, by
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Summer is nearly here, but it’s also a season of skeletal workforces and reduced resources. Protecting the digital surface is an ever-evolving battle of trust that often leaves organizations to react to a breach rather than proactively addressing it. 

With blurred lines of trust, securing today’s entire digital surface is calling for a zero trust approach, but many aren’t sure how to realize that vision. 

The understanding and adoption of a zero trust framework remains inconsistent, leading to security incidents rising exponentially, with the average cost of a breach at about $4.24 million — a 10% rise from the average cost in 2019 which was $3.86 million. 

In our forthcoming ebook, “Trust No One and Automate (Almost) Everything: Building a Modern Zero Trust Strategy,” The New Stack’s long-time contributor, Emily Omier, has interviewed some of the industry’s foremost experts on keeping systems and data safe in a distributed, cloud environment. 

It’s a quick read to help you develop a zero trust vision and identify areas that can make its implementation impactful. Be the first to pre-register for this new ebook.

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Why the Cloud Demands a New Approach

This book provides valuable insight into:

  • What zero trust is.
  • Why the old “castle-and-moat” approach doesn’t work on the cloud.
  • What authentication and authorization mean in a zero-trust environment.
  • How cultural changes support a zero-trust strategy.
  • The role automation plays in ensuring security.

Thank you to our sponsor, Torq, for making this ebook possible. 


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