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Disrupting DevOps: A Market Map of the Container Ecosystem

Oct 22nd, 2015 9:08am by and
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For months at The New Stack we have worked on ways to visualize the Docker and container ecosystem for our new eBook series (now available for download). We looked at the market from all different perspectives, but realized that there was no simple way to analyze it. There are a few factors that make it complex:

  • Docker and containers are relevant to the entire stack.
  • There are any number of open source projects related to Docker and the container ecosystem.
  • Overlaps exist between companies, products, services and open source projects.

Codenvy started using Docker in 2013, making it one of the earliest adopters of container technology. For Codenvy, Docker provides a way to rapidly provision environments that are attached to a developer’s workspace. The use of containers means these workspaces remain consistent from their initial creation, to their management in a cross-functional development team, to unit testing, quality control, and even packaging and archiving.

With this perspective,  Codenvy came to us with its own way to break down the ecosystem. After a first look, it was evident that their engineers nailed it. They developed a different way to view continuous delivery that shows how the process extends from code development through deployment.

By carving out continuous development, the infographic they provided shows the context of the overall Docker and container ecosystem. It outlines the constellation of products that use containers to amplify the benefits of continuous delivery. It cleanly illustrates how continuous delivery is impacting the DevOps world, and the impact containers have on new stack environments.

We’re glad to be associated with the infographic as a research partner on the project, helping further define this work in progress. Codenvy will be posting the infographic to GitHub and updating it as this new market evolves, but we wanted to give our readers the first glance.

Learn more about the Market Map for Containers.

Codenvy's Market Map for Containers
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