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With the Maturity of Containers Comes a New World of Stateful Services

Oct 24th, 2017 1:10pm by and
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With Container’s Maturity, Comes a New World of Stateful Services

The world is full of legacy apps, built on architectures from another time. At this year’s Software Circus in Amsterdam, CNCF Executive Director Dan Kohn addressed the question in a livestream with TNS Founder Alex Williams: How are open source communities adapting to this new reality?

With the challenges facing developers today, initiatives such as the Container Storage Interface (CSI) have come into their own as more organizations break down their monolith applications and embrace containerization. Now that the container landscape has matured, there is a shift toward stateless services, which Kohn explained can still lead to frustration for those working with particular orchestrators. Some, he noted, are still struggling with chipping away at their monolith application. This analogy was the inspiration behind Kohn’s presentation at Software Circus, where guests could even create their own ice sculptures.

“When you have a monolith and you have this big legacy application, there’s a process that you chip away at, it and over time try to reduce the size of it. You have the new functionality you build be separate applications, and ideally, create a series of very beautiful ice sculptures.”

In This Edition:

1:17: Discussing how the microservice application pattern and monolith applications were transforming businesses.
3:11: What are the challenges for the open source community about adapting to these new technologies such as stateless computing?
5:08: Navigating storage issues in a stateful service.
5:53: What are some of the things Kohn is hearing from CNCF members in regards to the challenges in creating storage standards?
7:16: How companies are adapting to the complexities in orchestration with the use of the Container Storage Interface.

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