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Context: How Kubernetes Is Actually Used, the Practical Service Mesh

Jun 14th, 2019 5:00pm by
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How Kubernetes is Actually Used, the Practical Service Mesh

How is the open source Kubernetes container orchestration engine actually used out in the wild? Does it drive large clusters for service providers to run multitenant apps? Or are its clusters small, fit for managing the lifecycle of a single app? Rob Hirschfeld, CEO of bare metal infrastructure management company RackN, did his own informal Twitter survey to find some answers, and got a wealth of answers, which he summarized in a blog post for The New Stack.

On this episode of The New Stack Context, a weekly wrap-up podcast of news and views in the cloud native computing community, we talk with Hirschfeld about his survey, and what the future may hold for Kubernetes. “As Kubernetes emerges as the de facto management platform, we are still figuring out what that means. The challenge is that it exists in a gray zone between a specialized application platform and general purpose infrastructure abstraction. I wanted to understand if one set of use-cases was more common,” he wrote.

In the second half of the show, we talk with our Oakland technology news correspondent TC Currie about her recent podcast interview with Zack Butcher, a founding engineer at Tetrate. They spoke about the factors that drive an organization to set up a service mesh. As Currie writes:

The reason for choosing a service mesh is not connected to how many services you run, or how complicated your system is … It’s for when you can’t understand what is going wrong with your distributed system. So pick it up not because it’s cool, but because it will solve an actual pain point in regards to visibility, reliability, or security.

We also discuss a few of the week’s news stories, including the upcoming Linux 5.2 kernel release and IBM’s newly open-sourced Kubernetes-based continuous delivery software, Razee.

The New Stack founder and editor-in-chief Alex Williams hosted this episode, with the assistance of TNS managing editor Joab Jackson.

Feature image: An awesome t-shirt worn by GitLab’s Sarah Voegeli at Monitorama.

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