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Context: How to Choose Proprietary vs. Open Source Tools

8 Nov 2019 12:07pm, by

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Today on The New Stack Context podcast we talk with Kara de la Marck, open source community manager at CloudBees, about when it makes sense to rely on open source tools and when proprietary alternatives should be considered.

The abundance of tooling in the cloud native ecosystem can be overwhelming as teams weigh which options work best for their business needs, infrastructure and workflows. To help provide a framework for the decision, De la Marck wrote a contributed article this week on “Open Source Tools: The Good, The Bad and The Truth in Between” as a preview of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s upcoming KubeCon and CloudNativeCon San Diego event in a few weeks.

Context: How to Choose Proprietary vs. Open Source Tools

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“You really have to do your due diligence and you have to ask as an enterprise, what do we need? What level of security features or guarantees do we need and what level of risk are we willing to accept?” De la Marck said. “And that’s going to be a different answer for every single enterprise. So there is no one standard, it’s just a lot of careful thought and consideration needs to go into all the tradeoffs when you adopt dependencies.”

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