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Cost Overruns Rank Low on List of Challenges for Kubernetes and Containers

1 Jul 2021 12:26pm, by

Despite what you may have heard, cost overruns are not the biggest problem facing companies managing Kubernetes deployments. Nope. According to over 1,200 respondents to a recent Canonical survey, 55% of the study believe one of their biggest challenges when using or migrating to Kubernetes and containers is a lack of in-house skills or a limited manpower. Only 17% mention cost overruns. Why is this relevant?

A report from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and the FinOps Foundation that came out this week claims a lack of Kubernetes cost monitoring is causing overspend. More than 90% of costs came from compute or memory resources. In addition, only 24% do not monitor Kubernetes spending at all and 44% only rely on estimates. It then infers that a low level of adoption of tools meant to monitor Kubernetes spending can explain why only 38% of respondents can predict their monthly cloud bill within a 10% margin of error.

Take a look at the Canonical survey and tell us what you think. It appears to be a true telling of the state of Kubernetes as we see it.

Source: Canonical’s “Kubernetes and cloud native operations report 2021”