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CSI, the Container Community, and Kubernetes

Jan 16th, 2018 4:06pm by
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CSI, The Container Community, and Kubernetes

On this newest episode of The New Stack Makers podcast, we set out to learn more about storage options for the Kubernetes open source container orchestration engine, along with a look inside the advancements to the Container Storage Interface.

Fielding these questions from the host, TNS founder Alex Williams, were {code} technical director Clinton Kitson and Portworx co-founder and chief technology officer Goutham Rao.

“It’s lessons learned. When you lose your data, you have a really bad day. That’s why storage is one of those critical areas we get right. I think we are at a very critical place with CSI,” said Kitson.

Kitson noted that having two discreet components determine how to talk to one another is best done through remote procedure calls (RPC). He then went on to explain that this has been the ideal goal for REST for some time, with a progression toward gRPC. With CSI, Kitson also highlighted that there is also the ability to raw block devices that are also volumes.

“You could have some of your storage back ends come from public cloud, some from on-prem, but the user has a consistent experience and the operator gets to decide how they want to scale their environment. I think that’s what users are asking for, is that control.” added Rao.

In This Edition:

4:48: Kubernetes and the user experience when working with storage platforms such as CSI.
6:20: Abstraction and user experience as pillars in CSI.
13:26: The technical architecture behind CSI.
16:59: Why is gRPC so critical in CSI.
18:57: How are CSI’s use cases evolving?
24:24: The storage working group at CNCF.

 The Cloud Native Computing Foundation sponsored this podcast. {code} and Portworx are sponsors of The New Stack.

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