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Datadog Instruments OpenStack For Better Troubleshooting, Performance Management

Dec 15th, 2015 8:25am by
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Datadog has extended its cloud-based monitoring service so it can watch over deployments of OpenStack, as well as applications that run on the cloud hosting software.

“With this integration, you get all the power of Datadog applied to your OpenStack deployment,” wrote Evan Mouzakitis, Datadog research engineer, in a blog post announcing the update. “In addition to collecting, visualizing, and aggregating metrics that are specific to OpenStack, Datadog can also correlate metrics with other systems or software in your stack, alert on abnormal application behavior, automatically detect outliers, and more.”

Launched in 2010, Datadog offers a service to monitor Web-facing and enterprise applications, using operational data generated by more than 100 widely used applications, including many popular servers operating systems, database systems, applications, tools, and services. The data is collected into a unified view and then can be used by administrators and developers to troubleshoot problems, resolve performance issues and speed the deployment cycle.

Web-scale operations at Airbnb, Netflix, EA, Spotify, Warner Brothers, and AdRoll all use the technology. The company processes hundreds of billion records a day for its customers.

With the newly released version 5.6.1 of the Datadog Agent,  users can now capture metrics emitted by Nova, which is OpenStack’s computing controller, as well as Neutron, which is OpenStack’s network management module. The new integration offers visibility into all layers of the OpenStack, including, according to Datadog, the ability to:

  • Debug performance and availability control-plane issues with services in the Nova, Neutron and Keystone APIs.
  • Discover and monitor Neutron-managed virtual machines.
  • Monitor Nova hypervisors and available compute resources.
  • Allow administrators set capacity metrics like tenant quota usage.


One early user of the OpenStack service is Lithium Technologies, a provider of social customer experience management software. The company runs an OpenStack deployment which Datadog provides metrics on, from low-level infrastructure to the high-level tenant usage.

“We are able to quickly gain insight into usage patterns and proactively react to any potential issues,” said Mike Tougeron, Lithium lead cloud platform engineer, in a statement. “By comparing current usage to historical trends we are able to at a glance do capacity planning for a tenant.”

Current Datadog users can access the OpenStack by updating the agent and making the necessary configuration changes. The company offers documentation of getting the most from the OpenStack metrics. For those new to Datadog, the company offers a free two-week trial.

Feature Image via Pixabay.

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